1992 "Maize Craze" (Season 1) 
      Best Offensive Round

1993 "Rug Rage" 
      Suffered the "No Sponsor Blues"

1994 "Tower Power" (Season 2) 
      We tried hard!!

1995 "Ramp 'n Roll" (Season 3) 
      #1 Seed at the New England Regional 
      #1 at the New England Regional 
      Offensive Round at the National                   Competition

1996 "Hexagon Havoc" (Season 4) 
      First Riverfest exposition

1997 "Torroid Terror" (Season 5) 
      Took part in River Rage 1

1998 "Ladder Logic" (Season 6) 
      #2 at the New England Regional 
      Best Play of the Day at Rumble at the         Rock 
      #3 at River Rage 2 
      Best Offensive play at River Rage 2

1999 "Double Trouble" (Season 7) 
     5th place at the New England Regional 
     6th place at the National Competition 
     Perfect score (540 points) at Mayhem          on the Merrimack with team 157 
     #2 seed at Mayhem on the Merrimack 
     #5 seed at Rumble at the Rock 
     3rd Place at River Rage

2000 "Co-Opertition" (Season 8) 
     National Competition Finalists 
     Best Team Award given by the Ford            Motor Teams at the National                        Competition 
     Mayhem on the Merrimack                          Champions 
     Team Choice Award at Mayhem on            the Merrimack 
     3rd Place at Battle Cry at WPI 
     People's Choice Best Defense at Battle        Cry at WPI 
     River Rage Finalists 
     Bash at the Beach

2001"Diobolical Dynamics" (Season 9) 
     2nd seed, 2nd place at Battle Cry at              WPI 
     #1 Seed at Bash at the Beach (Thanks        Andy) 
     Finalists at River Rage 
     Lady Luck Award at River Rage

2002 "Zone Zeal" (Season 10) 
     Participated in Rally in the Valley 
     Participated in Mayhem on the                    Merrimack 
     Participated in Battle Cry at WPI 
     Finalists at River Rage

2003 "Ramp Riot" (Season 11) 
     BAE Regional Semifinalists 
     BAE Regional Judges Award 
     Rally in the Valley Champions 
     Mayhem on the Merrimack #1 Seed 
     Finalists at River Rage

2004 "Raising The Bar"(Season12) 
     BAE Regional Semifinalists 
     Participated in Mayhem on the                    Merrimack 
     Participated in Battle Cry at WPI 
     Semifinalists at River Rage

2005 "Triple Play" (Season 13)

   BAE Regional #4 Seed 
   BAE Regional Quarterfinalists 
   Championship Event VEX Think                  Award 
   Championship Event VEX #3                      seed 
   Mayhem in Merrimack #? Seed 
   BattleCry at WPI Semifinalists 
   River Rage 9 Champions

2006 "Aim High" (Season 14) 

   Team Mentor, Andy Grady, is                      elected as the WFFA winner at the BAE      Granite State Regional 
   Finalists at Mayhem in Merrimack

2007 "Rack 'n Roll" (Season 15) 

   2nd and 3rd at River Rage 2008

2008 "Overdrive" (Season 16) 
   BAE Regional #5 Seed 
   Semifinalists at Battlecry @ WPI 
   Mayhem in Merrimack #4 Seed 
   #6 seed at FTC competition 
   River Rage 12 Champions

2009 "Lunacy" (Season 17) 
   #12 Seed at BAE Regional 
   Team Mentor, Kristen Kelso,              WFFA winner at the BAE Granite      State Regional 
   #1Seed @Mayhem in Merrimack 
   Mayhem Merrimack Champions 
   Finalists at River Rage

2010 "Breakaway" (Season 18) 
   Engineering Inspiration Award at        BAE Granite State Regional

2011 "Logomotion" (Season 19) 
   #1 Seed at BAE Regional;Finalist
   Engineering Inspiration Award at        BAE Granite State Regional 
   #1 Seed at Battlecry @ WPI 
   SemiFinalists at River Rage

   St. Louis -Archimedes Division

2012 "Rebound Rumble"

   #1 Seed and Winners of the BAE        Granite State Regional 
   SemiFinalists at Mayhem at                Merrimack


(Season 21)

   Granite State Chairman's Award

   St. Louis - Newton Division

   Battle Cry at WPI Rob Zeuge            recieved the "Battle Star"

2014"Aerial Assist" (Season 22)

   Granite State District Event:                #2 Seed, Finalist,                                 Judges' Award 

    UNH District Event:                           Finalist, Rockwell Automation               Inovation and Control Award

    District Championship: #6 Seed

    BattleCry 15 Quarterfinalist

    Mayhem in Merrimack

    Finalist, Play of the Day, #2 Seed

    Battle of the Bay 1: Champions

2015 "Recycle Rush" (Season 23) 

   Granite State District Event:                       Quarterfinalist

    UNH District Event:


     Battlecry 16

      Mayhem in Merrimack:




        Battle of the Bay 

2016 "Stronghold"  (Season 24)

Granite State District Event

         3rd seed; Quaterfinalists

UNH District Event 

         4th seed; Semifinalists



Team CHAOS is an organization that brings together students, teachers, parents, mentors and sponsors to encourage students to gain greater skills and interests in the areas of science, math, engineering and other fields that involve technology. The team participates in FIRST Robotics activities to inspire these outcomes while spreading the concept of Gracious Professionalism.

FIRST Robotics is used as a motivating tool to accomplish the following: 
1.Students gain a greater appreciation for careers related to science, math engineering and technology (STEM). 
2.Sponsors become more aware of skills and processes gained by students at Manchester Central High School. 
3.Students gain an appreciation for community service, leadership, communication and organization. 
4.Those involved with our team practice and spread the concept of Gracious Professionalism. 
5.Students apply their skills and knowledge to take advantage of learning opportunities that are open to them.


C.H.A.O.S. is a tradition that over a hundred students have become a part of during their high school career. The impact C.H.A.O.S. makes on students' futures are clear when nearly 100% of the past 3 years' graduating seniors are persuing science and technology degrees. There are many C.H.A.O.S. alumni who come back to mentor younger generations or mentor teams in their own area. We believe it's important to honor all the C.H.A.O.S. alumni and recognize those who come back to the team and show that after many years, green and orange will never clash.

Class of 2015:

Dan Coburn - University of New Hampshire

Aidan Cox - MCC

Vanesse Legere - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Eric Moy - UMass Lowell

Abby Peterson - Wentworth University

Chad Toulouse - NH Institute of Technology


Class of 2014:

Garrett Sinotte - Florida Institute of Technology

Ben Papp - Tufts University

Alex Legere - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Reed Macy - Cornell University


Class of 2013:

Rachel Norris - Cornell University

Jamison Couture- University of New Hampshire

Harrison Riddell - University of Florida

John Martin - Northeastern University


Class of 2012: 

Emma Ambrogi- Wellesley College 

Maddie Altman-  University of Maine 

Emily Sanseverino- Rochester Institute of Technology Jackson Penny- Wentworth Polytechnical  Institute     Joshua Allard- Worcester Polytechnic Institute             Erin Smith- University of Findlay

Megan Smith- Muhlenberg College

John Magnuson - Assumption College


Returning Current Team Alumni Mentors: 
Kristen Kelso- Class of 2003  

Steven Kroh - Class of 2011

Josh Allard - Class of 2012

Reed Macy - Class of 2014

Aidan Cox - Class of 2015
Eric Moy - Class of 2015

Basic Information

Our Robot 2015


Team Number: 131

Team Name: C.H.A.O.S. (Central High School and Our Supporters) 


Major Sponsors: BAE SYSTEMS / Rockwell Automation / Solid Works / Queen City Rotary Club/ CHAOS Families / Cronin Bisson & Zalinsky, Attorneys at Law /

 Manchester Central High School & 4-H Hillsborough County, NH


CHAOS is a 4-H after school club hosted by Manchester Central High School in which students are taught important engineering and life skills as they learn how to design, build, wire, and program a new robot each year with the support of our great mentors.