Join the Team!

Do you like science, robots, competition, learning, friends, and/or fun? If yes, CHAOS welcomes you with open arms.  We hang out at Manchester Central High school for our meetings during the school year but students not attending Central are also welcome. However, if your high school has a FIRST team, you cannot join CHAOS. Contact Mr. Kelso or any CHAOS member if you want to join.  You can even come to a meeting yourself and experience the CHAOS.

Purchase an Ad

Sponsor the team by purchasing an ad in our program book.  We pass these out during competitions, demos, and other events.  Prices are as follows:


  • $90 for a full page

  • $50 for half a page

  • $35 for a third of a page

Send us Pictures

We need up-to-date pictures to keep this website awesome. Please click the "contact the editor" button on the home page and send pictures of the robots, kids or events.  They may be used for this very website.