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Our Awesome Mentors:

David Kelso

Year Joined: 1994
Major Role on Team: Lead Mentor 
Why We Love Them: Where to start? Mr. Kelso has been with the team almost since it's inception in 1992. He dedicates his life to both C.H.A.O.S. and FIRST and its success. He is our resident WFA winner, recieving the award in 2004.

Nancy Kelso

Year Joined: 1999
Major Role on Team: Assistant Lead Mentor
Why We Love Them: Mrs. Kelso is our "Team Mom" of C.H.A.O.S. From paperwork, to snacks, to finding materials, to building bumpers, she is C.H.A.O.S's heart and soul in the jobs most mentors overlook.

Andy Grady

Year Joined: 2006
Major Role on Team: Electrical Mentor 
Why We Love Them: Andy has the impeccable skill of making anyone working with him have a great time. His strong background in electricity put him as the electrical leader but he loves to offer out-of-the-box solutions that keeps C.H.A.O.S growing. 2006 Granite State Regional WFFA Winner.

Brian Smith

Year Joined: 2009
Major Role on Team: Mechanical Mentor/Machinist 
Why We Love Them: There is truly nothing Mr. Smith

cannot make in the machine shop. C.H.A.O.S. is so very

lucky to have such a skilled machinist. Other than living

in the machine shop, Mr. Smith also helps out as a mechanical mentor.

Kristen Kelso Zeuge

Year Joined: 2004
Major Role on Team: Non-Robot Head Mentor 
Why We Love Them: Kristen is a Central Alumni and competed on C.H.A.O.S. when she was at Central. Altough she has a strong mechancial background and exceptional CAD skills, she generally takes on the jobs of Non-Robot related items such as helping with awards, the program book, and outreach.  2009 Granite State Regional WFFA Winner.

Rob Zeuge

Year Joined: 2011
Major Role on Team: Drive Train/Mechanical Mentor
Why We Love Them: C.H.A.O.S. is honored to have such a educated and passionate member as Rob. Although you can always see him in the drive train group, he is also a key mentor of our other mechanical sub-groups.  2013 WPI BattleCry "Battle Star" Winner.

Benge Ambrogi

Year Joined: 2007
Major Role on Team: Mechanical Mentor
Why We Love Them: Benge is a former DEKA employee and former FRC and FLL judge. He takes on a prominent role in the mechanical sub-groups inspiring precision and clean work throughout our designs.

Marc Pion


Year Joined: 2016

Major Role on Team: Programming Mentor

Why We Love Them: Marc came at a time of need, as the team had just lost its programming mentor. His unique experience with programming brings much to the team.  

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Richard Cox


Year Joined: 2013

Major Role on Team: Electrical Mentor

Why We Love Them: Mr. Cox used to be a heavily dedicated volunteer during the early years of FIRST. He returned in 2013 to help mentor CH.A.O.S. when his kids were old enough to join the team, and has been here since.

Richard Cote


Year Joined: 2016

Major Role on Team: Mechanical Mentor

Why We Love Them: Mr. Cote has proved to be an asset

to the team; helping with machining and other general mechanical tasks. 

Dan Karol


Year Joined: 2013
Major Role on Team: Mechanical Mentor
Why We Love Them: Dan has risen to take on so many responsibilities throughout the year.  His experiences at DEKA has made him an exceptional great leader in helping our programming, electrical, and mechanical teams in every way. "In Dan Karol we Trust!"

Marty Moy


Year Joined: 2013
Major Role on Team: Mechanical  Mentor 
Why We Love Them: Mr. Moy is always there when we need him.  He has taught us all about the reliability of moving and mechanical parts as well as provided us all with some comic relief.

College Mentors:

These Alumni just can't get enough

of  C.H.A.O.S.  

They spend their vacation time

volunteering to help us out

during the season.  

Thank you.

A special thanks to Erin Smith

for making the previous

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and Eric Moy

for creating this one.